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Programs for Children and Parents

“From Chubby to Fit” Program

This program is designed to help young, overweight children lose their excess body weight by modifying diet and behavioral patterns. While there has been a large amount of focus on decreasing child obesity in schools, recent research published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) indicates that a child's future weight (termed "weight fate") may be decided by age five. Nutrient excess and nutrient deficiency in the diets of young children can lead to a permanent modification of metabolic pathways and to an increased risk of diet-dependent diseases as adults.


Most parents do not realize that by providing their children with nutritious food, they can reverse or prevent the development of the metabolic syndrome that leads to food-related diseases.  These include diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver, heart diseases, cancer and many other life-threatening illnesses that can begin early in life. Medical studies reveal that overweight and obese children have a low-grade inflammation in their guts, and the most obese children in the country are also the most nutritionally deficient. Kids’ belly fat is the signal that they are on the path to developing metabolic syndrome that leads to diabetes, heart problems and other illnesses.


The objectives of this program are:

  • To help parents to become well-informed about the risks associated with excessive body weight;
  • To educate parents and their children on the health consequences of consuming processed kinds of food;
  • To supply the participants of the program with GMO-free, gluten-free, 100% organic kinds of food to be served to their children. It takes up to at least 6 months for the gut to repair itself after gluten exposure and food allergy that caused an inflammation;
  • To provide low income families with variety of cost-free products, such as slow cookers, blenders, nutritious foods, electronic devices, tickets for entertainment activities and much more with the purpose of helping participants achieve desirable outcome;
  • To help children accept and practice the healthy habits and the diets promoted by The Energy Transporters Superheroes through attention-capturing effects of animation. The lessons from the Energy Transporters Superheroes help children become willing to taste, enjoy and prefer healthy food and drinks;
  • To teach parents healthy cooking and eating on a budget;
  • To encourages parents to modify their own behavior and become consciously involved in helping their obese or overweight child lose weight by providing nutritious food;


This conscious effort of parents, guided by LHLM,  will help reverse or prevent the development of the metabolic syndrome that leads to food-related diseases, such as diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver, heart diseases, cancer and many other life-threatening illnesses.


"Help Picky Eaters Pick Veggies" Training

The national cancer institute as well as world cancer research fund believes that the best diet for preventing cancer and other obesity-related illnesses is a predominantly plant-based diet. Many – if not most – parents are both mystified and troubled by their children’s eating patterns, especially their aversion to vegetables. Most parents do not realize that, up until the age of two, children are willing to taste just about anything, but then they become neophobic (reluctant to eat new foods). Some experts believe that taste preferences may even reflect a biological drive towards foods that are calorie-and protein-dense and an aversion to foods that are perceived to be poisonous or toxic. Young children are notoriously picky, sometimes refusing to eat anything but noodles and crackers for months at a time and rejecting just about everything with protein, fiber, vitamins or minerals. Our training/retraining program is designed to help children become willing to taste, enjoy and prefer vegetables and other healthy foods at a young age. Through our program, we also help parents learn how to mitigate the strong influence that food advertisements have on children. Our training program offers families, daycares and other preschool environments innovative and fun ways to incorporate vegetables in a child’s daily nutritional experience.


"If You Want a Healthier Life for your Child"

Among essential parental responsibilities is the parent's obligation to provide pleanty of nutritious food to assure their child's healthy living. This program  assists parents in this duty by helping children make healthy food choices, develop healthy dietary habits, and therefore prevent their child's demands for unhealthy processed foods. Our animated training program consists of the instructions and diagrams for parents and CD with animated lessons for children. This program helps parents understand their role in shaping the behavior, attitudes and preferences of their children and avoid common mistakes that undermine their ability to have a positive influence on their children’s their health. We believe that this program is a call for renewed responsibility - for all parents to wake up and see what kind of world they are creating for their children. Many of the emotional, social, mental and physical struggles that adolescents face stem from the diet and lifestyle they were raised on.



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