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There is a broad societal need to endorse early childhood health education.

The development of the childís brain determines who the child becomes and how the child behaves.

With the neuroscience of the brain development unfolding, it has become known that toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners are operating primarily from the limbic system or, as more commonly known, the emotional part of the brain.

  • The emotional brain supports a variety of functions including behavior, motivation and long-term memory that are responsible for habits and preferences. It is during this time that the brain undergoes its most dramatic growth. Early preferences and experiences influence the physical architecture of the brain, shaping the neural connections in a childís developing brain.
  • To form or break a habit, itís important to know how to engage the brainís cooperation. The early years of life lay the foundation for childís development today and during the course of her or his life. Some developmental specialists have come to the conclusion that if Ďcritical periodsí in the brainís development are not utilized, opportunities are lost.
  • Due to the brain plasticity, knowledge gained through early childhood health education can be retained by our children.




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