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How We Help

We believe that lifestyle choices are deeply rooted in personal health belief systems, preferences and habits that are developed in childhood.

We educate, inspire, and train children by using scientific, behavior modification techniques to help them develop emotionally-connected beliefs, attitudes, habits, thereby modifying their behavior so that they will be protected from obesity, cancer, diabetes and other chronic illnesses as adults.

We are committed to raising funds to accelerate the pace of early childhood health education at childcare establishments and community events by introducing healthy choices to children at very early age and encouraging parents to help their children practice healthy habits throughout a childís life to promote a disease-free future.

Letís Help Letís Move creates, produces and provides a variety of health educational entertainment services and products based on principles of psychology and neuroscience and designed to guide and assist young children in the formation of healthy food preferences, eating patterns and core beliefs, prepare them to accept healthy nutrition and a healthy life style promoted by schools and society, and foster health values in families.

Educational entertainment and child-appropriate activities unlock childrenís minds Ė and when that magical moment happens, they are open to the knowledge and skills that we hope to share with them.

Educational entertainment that captures a childís attention shapes their working memory. Working memory training, followed by reinforcement tasks, leads to generalized improvements in children.

Preventive Healthcare

Letís Help Letís Move develops and provides products and activities that promote healthy preferences and behaviors as a preventive healthcare measure in communities specifically designed by a donor.

Restorative Healthcare

Our products and services bring encouragement and hope to children fighting life-threatening illnesses. Some of our start-up projects are still being developed and need your involvement and/or financial assistance to be completed. Your kindness and generosity can bring laughter, faith and optimism to kids living with life-threatening illnesses.


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