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The Energy Transporters

Let's Help Let's Move promotes  unique superheroes, The Energy Transporters,  among children of kindergarten, preschool and elementary school ages, with the purpose of improving children’s lifestyle.

American Cancer Society states that only about 5% to 10% of all cancers result directly from gene defects inherited from a parent. But by far the biggest factor is lifestyle.

Poor lifestyle choices are key contributors in the development and progression of preventable chronic diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and several types of cancer.

By introducing healthy lifestyle preferences to our children through educational entertainment that is based on the values of the Energy Transporters, we really can change their lives and stay strong as the nation!


The Energy Transporters Are The Best Superheroes.

They Are:

  • Smart
  • Healthy
  • Multicultural
  • The Perfect Role Models For Girls and Boys

Ground-breaking research carried out by Professor Popp, a German physicist, has demonstrated that the bio-electric energy of our cells is dependent on how many bio-photons our bodies are able to absorb from plants. Every living cell emits units of light called bio-photons. This low-level light, sometimes described as “sun energy,” comes from the photons plants absorb when they are exposed to sunlight. Strong, healthy cells emit more light than weaker cells. Wild plants and organic food grown in the garden can provide the body with much-needed bio-photons.

We created, trademarked and incorporated the new superheroes into our health educational programs for children and have achieved a desirable outcome in daycare centers. We are grateful to Rutgers Newark Intellectual Property Law Clinic for assisting LHLM in the trade mark registration of the LHLM healthy superheroes.

Our family fun program, “The Energy Transporters,” is a new service that utilizes children’s attraction to superheroes to impart healthy life messages. Young children need heroes. While parents are the primary role models in a child’s life, superheroes serve to help children resolve issues of control, reduce fears and anxiety, give them more confidence, and remind them of the moral compass needed to navigate in a complex world. The purpose of “The Energy Transporters” is to introduce superheroes' healthy, cancer-fighting food preferences and healthy habits to children, motivate them to follow these healthy practices, and offset "superheroes" tactics used by processed food monopolies.


Inspire young children to practice The Secret of Wellness through the depiction of the best version of Superheroes and their healthy food preferences.


The Rationale behind:

  • Today’s superheroes are characters of action that seem to engage in perpetual violence.

  • Girls need a female role model.

  • Children like and need superheroes. The make-believe world of our new superheroes can help them:

  • Understand the differences between concepts such as right and wrong and good and bad;

  • Exercise their brains and their imaginations;

  • Develop higher levels of confidence and competence;

  • Encourage them to be more helpful in real life;

  • Reduce fears and anxiety; and

  • Make healthy food choices by thinking about what their favorite superhero would eat.


Who are the Energy Transporters?

The planet Photonia is far above the earth and close to the sun. Photonia is a Superland, a magical place from which all Energy Transporters Superheroes come. And Photonia is where Superheroes always return to renew their power from the sun. This power is why they can fly through the air faster than lightning and they can lift very heavy objects with only one hand. They never get tired and they never get sick.

Everyone on Photonia is member of one big team. The team’s job is to fight evil forces that want to make people and animals on earth seriously ill. These evil forces try to shield the sun with heavy clouds to keep the earth in darkness and cold so all plants on the earth will die. Birds, animals and people need plants to live.

People who eat food from plants like fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds and beans are healthy and strong.

Plants and other life on earth need sunlight to grow, but when evil forces shield the sun with evil clouds for a long time, they die.

The Energy Transporters are very special Superheroes because they fly through evil clouds to transport energy to earth. “Transport” means “to carry,” and these amazing Superheroes carry magic energy to keep plants alive. This magic energy is made of photons, which Energy Transporters carry from the planet Photonia to earth. Photons are magic beams of light invisible to people. But this magic light in plants can help sick people get well. This why people who eat fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds, beans and herbs are healthy, strong, and smart.

Every time the Energy Transporters are on a mission to bring photons to earth and help people, evil forces try to stop, catch and destroy them. They know that if plants die, people will eat only food packed in boxes and cans and sooner or later will get seriously ill. But the Energy Transporters are very fast, strong and smart. These superheroes can change the color of their skin and hair at any time to fool evil forces. But they cannot take off their flashing neck bands, hand navigators and shiny clothes they wear as Energy Transporters. Shiny clothes protect them from being burned by sun. They also have a mark on their foreheads – the symbol of Photonia, the planet that makes them unbelievably strong, fast and smart. Energy Transporters always win over evil forces.

Phot and Photanna are Energy Transporters who have one more very important mission on earth. They try to keep children from getting seriously ill. Phot and Photanna know what kind of food and what kind of activities can give lots of energy to children so that they can live a happy and healthy life. They tell children their secret how to get strong, smart and happy. Wherever children are making themselves seriously ill with unhealthy food and activities, the Energy Transporters find the way to those children and teach them their secret of how to eat healthy and stay well.

Children who follow the lessons of the Energy Transporters are strong, smart and stay well.



                                                     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Not everyone can be an ideal role model.

Children can learn from bad superheroes as well as good superheroes.

The Energy Transporters are the ideal role models for every girl and boy.


© Let’s Help Let’s Move - The Missing Link of Enlightenment for a Healthy, Sustainable Future